Imagine if you could find important information about biblical civil law in a quick, efficient manner. Imagine if you could find Scriptures on a given topic about biblical civil law organized by category. And imagine if you could find some of the most helpful insights in history about biblical civil law to help sharpen your own understanding.
This is what Christian Civilization Blueprints is all about. It is a repository of information for efficiently studying biblical civil law. The goal? For equipping Christians for the important task of building Christian Civilization.
Christian Civilization Blueprints is based on the three pillars of
  • Scripture (foundational)
  • Historical and contemporary commentary (fallible, but can be helpful)
  • Historical and contemporary application (fallible, but can be helpful)
Through an efficient means of locating relevant Scriptures, one can more quickly know God's will on any given topic. Commentary of biblical civil law provides wisdom on understanding Scripture, or at least something to consider. Application of biblical civil law  may also provide wisdom -- as well as inspiration. 
This is an ambitious project, and a continual work in progress. However, our hope is that this will be very profitable to you -- whether you are a pastor building a sermon, a civil ruler seeking advice, a student writing a paper, or just a Christian wanting to build his own understanding.
If you are interested in contributing, we could really use your help. Our time is scarce. A contribution can free us up to spend more time on this project. If you are able to contribute, simply specify that it is for the Christian Civilization Blueprints project.

About the author of this site
Steve C. Halbrook writes for, and manages, the site Theonomy Resources. He holds an M.A. in Government from Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, with a focus on biblical civil government. Halbrook’s master’s thesis has been expanded into a book titled God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws: Biblical Theocracy, Justice, and Slavery versus Humanistic Theocracy, "Justice," and Slavery.