Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God Mentioned in the Preamble to The Swedish Discipline of 1632 (by Gustavus Adolphus)


Gustavus Adolphus By the Grace of God King of the Swedens Gothes and Vandals, Great Prince of Finland Duke of Esthonia and Carelia, and Lord of Ingria, &c. Whereas the exactnesse of Auncient Discipline and Justice is now almost utterly forgotten: and in place thereof many strange and enormous abuses, crept in amongst our soldiers: Wee therefore taking the matter into our tender care and consideration; will by the assistance of Almighty God endevour to doe our uttermost, both for the reducing of the said forme of Discipline, and the rooting out the same abuses, using to that purpose the way of gentlenesse and admonition unto some; and resolving to take the course and strictnesse of Justice unto others, That therefore our soldiers may the better be trained up to the right use and handling of their Armes, so as may best enable them for our service and defence of our native Country: and that every man in like manner, may the better eschew what may fall out to be inconvenient: Wee have once againe overseene our former Articles of warres, calling out from thence these following Articles; which wee have thought most fit and expedient, both for our service and their ordering. Streightly willing or commanding all our soldiers, both natives of our Kingdome as well as Strangers, serving both on Horse and Foote; that from the time of their comming into our service, they doe duely and obediently observe these following Articles: unto which, if any upon presumption doe the contrary, he shall be Punished as here after followeth.

-- The Swedish Discipline of 1632 (Authorized by Gustavus Adolphus)



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