Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is it Lawful for Christians to Be Soldiers? (The Soldier's Catechism)

Q. Is it lawful for Christians to be soldiers?

A. Yes doubtless: we have arguments enough to warrant it.

1. God calls Himself a man of war, and Lord of Hosts.
2. Abraham had a regiment of 318 trained men.
3. David was employed in fighting the Lord’s battles.
4. The Holy Ghost makes honorable mention of David’s Worthies.
5. God Himself taught David to fight.
6. The noble gift of valor is given for this purpose.
7. The New Testament mentions two famous centurions.
8. The Baptist does not require the soldiers to leave their professions, Luke 3:14.9. Many comparisons are taken from this calling in the New Testament.10. There have been many famous martyrs of this profession.

The Soldier’s Catechism was a pamphlet issued in 1644 to parliamentarian soldiers—including Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army—during the English Civil War between Parliament and King Charles I.


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