Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Soliders must Depend on God (Heinrich Bullinger)

But, above all things, let him not forget or think scorn, both in peril and out of peril, evermore to make his prayers and supplications to God his Saviour. In God's name let him begin all things; without God let him attempt nothing: in adversity, and when he hath the overthrow, let not his courage quail, nor his heart and hope forsake him; in prosperity let him not be puffed up with pride and arrogancy, but let him give thanks to God, and use the conquest like a merciful victor: let him wholly depend upon God's helping hand, and desire nothing rather than the defence of the commonweal, laws, religion, justice, and guiltless people.

-- Heinrich Bullinger, Protestant Reformer (1504-1575). Read more here


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