Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Old Testament Civil Laws not Repealed are Still Binding (John W. Robbins)

[T]he proper rule of interpretation of any law code is that any command not repealed is still in force. Those who wish to argue that the commands we have cited from the Old Testament are no longer binding must demonstrate where they have been repealed in the New. The New Testament need not repeat all the commands of the Old that bind us. If it is silent, the commands are still in force.

The Eighth Commandment has not been repealed, nor have the legitimate functions of government changed from the days of Samuel. Those who wish to argue that those functions have changed ought to cite their evidence. …

If the legitimate functions of government had changed from the time of Samuel, Paul [in Romans 13] most certainly would have mentioned the change in this passage where he lists the right of a government to collect taxes. His silence, and the silence of the rest of the New Testament on the point, speaks volumes. The Old Testament law is still in effect.

John W. Robbins, "The Bible and the Draft," The Trinity Review, ed. John W. Robbins, May, June 1980 (2003): 4, 5. Retrieved July 9, 2014 from

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