Friday, June 27, 2014

Reason for the Parliamentarian Army's Involvement in the English Civil War (The Soldier's Catechism)

Q. What is it that moves you to take up arms, and to engage yourself in this Civil War?

A. 1. The love I bear to my country.
2. The preservation of our Parliament, laws and liberties.
3. The defense of our religion against Popery.
4. The care of our posterity.
5. The general forwardness of all good people.
6. The consent, and provocation of all God’s ministers.
7. The command of the Parliament, which is the higher power.
8. The necessity that now lies upon all that fear God in the land.

The Soldier’s Catechism was a pamphlet issued in 1644 to parliamentarian soldiers—including Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army—during the English Civil War between Parliament and King Charles I.


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