Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Swedish Discipline of 1632 on Arson

87. No man shall presume to set fire on any Town or Village in our Land: if any doe, he shall bee punished according to the importancy of the matter, so as the Judges shall sentence him.

88. No Souldier shall set fire upon any Town or Village in the ene
mies' Land, without he be commanded by his Captain: neither shall any Captain give any such command unlesse hee hath first received it from us or our Generall: who so doth the contrary, he shall answer it in the Generals Councell of Warre according to the importance of the matter; and if it be proved to bee prejudiciall unto us, and advantagious for the enemy, he shall suffer death for it. 

-- The Swedish Discipline of 1632 (articles of war authorized by Gustavus Adolphus)

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