Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Swedish Discipline of 1632 on Pillage

89. No Souldier shall pillage anything from our subjects upon any March, Strength, Leaguer, or otherwise howsoever, upon pain of death. 

91. None shall presume to do wrong to any that brings necessaries to our Leagiier, Castle or Strength whatsoever, or to cast their goods down off their Horses, and take away their Horses perforce; which who so doth shall die for it. 

92. They that pillage or steal either in our Land or in the enemies, 
or from any of them that come to furnish our Leaguer or Strength, without leave, shall bee punish'd as for other theft.

-- The Swedish Discipline of 1632 (articles of war authorized by Gustavus Adolphus)


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