Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Swedish Discipline of 1632 Requires Attending to Preaching on the Sabbath

9a. Every Holy-day and every Sabbath-day at least, shall bee kept solemn with preaching in a place convenient, before and after noon; this also to bee done twice every week, if the time will permit ... [Editor's note: not an endorsement of man-made "holy days" by this site, as we only consider the Sabbath as a true holy day.]

10. All Merchants and sellers of commodities whatsoever, so soon as they hear the Token or call to bee given, shall immediately shut up their doors, and so keep them during the said time of Prayer and Sermon; they that presume in that season to sell any thing, shall make forfeit of all things so sold, whereof the one half to goe to the Generall, and the other halfe to the next Hospitall; over and above which, the offender shall for one whole day be put in prison'. 

-- The Swedish Discipline of 1632 (articles of war authorized by Gustavus Adolphus)

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